By: fletch
Date: Feb 13, 2014
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Andre & Chelsee were so fun and have a romantic story. These love birds spent the last year up until their wedding commuting eight times from Canada to Geremany just to be together.

Here is their story written by Chelsee.

“Andre and I met through friends, we had a few mutual friends but didn’t know each other. We met over drinks and chatted for a bit. We continued talking and spending time together with friends and then we started running together, and eventually went out to dinner – which I think we consider our first official date. Andre proposed to me this past July. It was simply amazing. We went on a Mediterranean cruise at the beginning of July. Half way through was our stop in Athens. We had such a nice day exploring and eating. After our tour we came back to the ship to sit by the pool, the ship started to sail away and the coast line is gorgeous. Andre asked to go for a walk. We started walking towards the front of the ship and he told me to sit, and as I sat he knelt and proposed. I was shocked, I had no expectation of it happening on this trip. I cried and said yes.

I wanted to elope, but Andre is an only child and I couldn’t take that from his parents. We originally decided to have a wedding in Canada but it was so hard to cut the lines of who to invite and who not to invite – so the idea of destination came up. Whenever we vacation in Alberta we always stay at Fairmont hotels, I also have major control issues, so I liked the idea of having it somewhere that we know has high standards. We started looking around on the Fairmont Orchid website and fell in love with the idea.”

The rest is History! Congrats to a lovely couple!

Venue: Fairmont Orchid Hawaii / Hair & Makeup: Mara McMichael / Flowers: AinaHua Florals / Wedding Photography: Fletch Photography / Wedding Planner: MewLan with Fairmont Orchid

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